X Chair

The X chair is a unique and visually captivating piece of furniture that skillfully embraces additive manufacturing techniques. The chair's design exhibits a harmonious balance between functionality and artistic expression.

Industrial Design

A Chair Fit For A Brand Relaunch

DIVE was tasked with designing a 3D printed chair to accompany the launch of Braskem’s new additive manufacturing company Xtellar.  The chair showcases the capabilities and quality of their filament, serving as a visually striking centerpiece.


Highlighting Assembly
Large Organic Parts
Graphic Elements

Design Direction

We wanted to create a design that stood out from the other 3D printed chairs and captured the brand identity of our clients new brand. This meant avoiding a chair that was printed in a single extrusion all the way through. We designed the chair to be comprised of two main prints which took subtle ques from mid century modern designs.

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