Willo Trees

Willo is an innovative modular tree system that aims to enhance public spaces by creating vibrant and lively environments. Designed with multiple benefits in mind, Willo serves as both a sound absorber and an engaging gathering spot for people. The trees feature three distinct "bark" patterns and are designed to be modular, allowing for flexible configuration into three different sizes. Willo is not only a visually stunning addition to public spaces, but it is also environmentally conscious, as it is crafted using sustainable materials that minimize its ecological footprint. Willo breathes new life into public spaces, providing an enjoyable and functional addition for communities to gather and connect.

Industrial Design

Another Dull Public Space....

In many large interior public spaces, acoustic and sound-absorbing panels are widely used. However, these panels often lack uniqueness and fail to contribute significantly to the overall space. We wanted to design a furniture system that retains the desired acoustic properties while providing enhanced opportunities for direct interaction and engagement.

Liven up the Place

Our desire to bring nature indoors was the driving inspiration for Willo. We looked at trees themselves as well as natural textures, materials, and patterns to draw from. We wanted to package these elements in a unique piece of furniture that people would want to engage with.

Gather Under the Trees

We aimed to create a unique meeting place for people in various settings, such as airports, conferences, or cafeterias. Our goal is for everyone to instantly recognize and understand when someone suggests meeting "under the trees.

Beautifully Sustainable

In keeping with using nature as our inspiration it was important that Willo was made from recycled materials. Everything from the leaves to the printed trunk sections was made using sustainable materials.

Design System

Thee tree’s are designed to be easy to print and assemble. All sizes share the same components and have no unique parts. This enables us to have a systematized approach to manufacturing, packaging, and assembly.

Bark Options

Each bark option gives the tree it’s own unique personality and allows them to fit into different spaces. The tree bark in combination with the custom leaf colors allows the trees to be very expressive.


The trees are designed to pack-down and fit into just a few boxes. These boxes can fit on a single pallet for easy and efficient transport.

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