Braskem | Super 73
Super 73

Utilizing Braskem’s material we designed custom attachments to enhance the Super 73 electric bike. It was a great opportunity to showcase the materials unique capabilities when paired with a desktop FDM printer.

Industrial Design

Aftermarket Additive

There is a huge market for after market parts not just for the Super 73 but electric bikes in general. We wanted to create compelling attachments that offer a better experience for riders using the bike but also highlight the bikes already strong aesthetics.

Liven up the Place


Design Direction

We started by targeting storage as the main enhancement we wanted to offer with these new attachments. We explored various design concepts that would integrate with the existing bike structure. We wanted the attachments to complement the lines and aesthetics of the bicycle, ensuring a harmonious visual appeal. By leveraging the inherent design language and geometry of the bike, we created attachments that seamlessly blended with the overall look and feel.

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