With apples being the number one consumed fruit in the united states, the scale of commercial operations is not one to take lightly. This $23 billion industry grows nearly 12 billion apples per year, so even a small inefficiency can add up fast. One such example of this is apple stems puncturing other apples during transportation, leading to an estimated $50 million per year loss across the industry. Our client Rice Fruit decided to take this challenge head on with development of the StemPunk apple stem cutter.

Industrial Design
Apple’s stem’s puncturing other apples is a $50 million per year problem due to the waste it creates. 5% of all apples picked are disposed of due to stem punctures.
With the Stempunk, both hands are kept free, enabling double the cutting efficiency, reduced strain on the hands, easier maneuverability when using ladders, and stems are collected before they can fall into the pickers bag.
Before Stempunk
After Stempunk (doubled efficiency)

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