Filament Innovations

Social media is a key element for creating trust and transparency for any business. It ultimately enables businesses to connect with their industries in a way like never before. Filament Innovations, a USA based manufacturer of industry leading large format FDM and FGF 3D-printer, was looking to expand their audience through leveraging social media, so we helped them to create a content plan to take them far beyond the reach of their website.

Art Direction
Industrial Design
Product Photography
Product Videography
Without any paid marketing, over 800,000 views were
generated via organic social media posting. Leading to sales, tightened brand awareness, and engagement like never before.
In addition to creating regular social media content, we brought Filament Innovations into larger case study projects as a co-branding partner. Their machine capabilities were highlighted along  side the material properties of the filament company. In the case bellow, their machine was used to print all of the parts for a dog wheelchair.
To further generate content and community engagement, we partnered with Thomas Jefferson University industrial design students and lighting designer Lyn Godley to run a 3D printed lighting project. This project leveraged the unique capabilities of a Filament Innovations high-flow machine to make the designs and the project possible.

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