mobile work station

Observing the growing trend of professionals working while on the go, startup MobiCases decided to address this with an innovative approach to combing work and travel. With this opportunity in hand DiveDesign helped to bring the idea to life through extensive prototyping and industrial design.

Industrial Design
3D Visualization


Working outside of the office is the new normal. We saw an opportunity to enhance this new independence.

Covid-19 may have just changed work forever. It’s no longer a compromise to get on a video call, it's the new normal and it's here to stay. Because of this, work is no longer restricted to the office, work will more likely take place where one pleases, and when one pleases. Gone is the 9-5! With this product, we wanted to further empower the newly found independence so many will experience.

Secure storage for professional items, sturdy table top for work wherever.

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