Braskem | Jeep

For this project we aimed to utilize Braskem’s new material technology to create custom fenders and doors for Jeep Wrangler vehicles. We wanted to show you can print high-quality, and personalized fenders and doors that enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of Jeep Wranglers while maintaining compatibility with the original design.

Industrial Design

4x4 3D Printing

Jeep was the perfect platform to show off the capabilities in Braskem’s new material. Jeep has a passionate community that loves to customize and take their jeeps off-roading and we wanted to design parts that would fit in and hold up to the task.



Design Direction

We maintained the utilitarian approach for the fenders as well by adding in a recess at the top of the fender to be used as a shelf. This would be great for holding tools, any loose nuts or bolts, or just to put your drink down.

Design Direction

When designing the doors we wanted to create a peg board system that would allow people to utilize the doors for storage both on the inside and outside when parked or camping. We designed a peg board system that allowed us to plug in different attachments that could hold everything from tools to lights to water bottles.

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