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Pantoscopic Reading Lenses


Eyewear company Pantos is on a mission to eliminate the need for those 30 pairs of readers glasses you have strewn all over the place. Utilizing the pantoscopic effect of magnifyng lenses, DiveDesign worked pantos to understand the market, develop the design, create prototypes, engineer the parts for manufacturing, and create a landing page to help them gain traction.

Easing the pain

With so many different screens in front of us each day, it was imperative to create readers that work with all of them

Young or old, we are surrounded by thousands of type sizes. It’s not easy to keep up with all of them, and squinting, changing object distance, or having multiple readers is not the answer, but Pantos is. Taking the pantoscopic effect of magnifying lens, we created a frame that enables the user to sharpen the image in front of them, especially text. Simply tilt the frame to enhance the image.

Did we mention they fold completley flat? These things can go aywhere anyhow.

Save the eyes

Between our phones, laptops, books, etc,
we strain our eyes quite a bit. We are bound by what the manufacturer of these devices decides the right size of text and images are, Pantos is on a mission to correct that. With one pair of magnifiers you can greatly reduce eyestrain by simply tilting to adjust.

Thin enough for your front pocket, robust enough for your back pocket

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