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full-limb prosthetics

Bionic Pets

Bionic Pets is the leading animal orthotics and prosthetics company in the nation. With a mission to revolutionize rehabilitation and pain management in the animal world, DiveDesign realized the opportunity for innovation in their prosthetics development. With 3D scanning and printing technology, DiveDesign created a digital tool to rapidly expedite the development process of full-limb prosthetics.

The Future of animal prosthetics

With A Labor Intensive Process, Optimization Was The Key To Growth, Innovation, And Better Animal Well-being

Utilizing 3D Scanning, 3D Printing, and developing a custom digital tool, we were able to completely re-imagine the way these prosthetics could be made.


Using the existing method, creating a single full-limb prosthetic took a minimum of 15 hours to complete.

The process began by sealing the patient mold to prevent leaks, then mixing plaster to create the positive. Sheets of plastic were heated and wrapped over the plaster positive, then trimmed and shaped further.

Finally, foam was added along with hardware and the leg.

Simplifying the process through digital tools

A casting kit is sent to the client, they wrap the patient with ace like bandages. Once they harden the molds are sent to us for scanning

We start by 3D scanning a patient's mold. The mold is refined digitally to smooth out any imperfections
We import the scanned mold into a custom AI tool that automatically generates the prosthetic, its thicknesses, mounting points, pattern, and more
The 3D file is then sent to our print lab where it gets printed out of a flexible material.
After some practice, they are up and running!

The DiveDesign team with Derrick Campana of Bionic Pets, and Chris Landau of Landau Design after a day of filming for Derrick's new show, Wizard of Paws.

The show follows Derrick as he travels the country saving the lives of animals in need through custom made prosthetics and orthotics. In one episode, he travels to the DiveDesgin studio and they work together to build a first of its kind, custom 3D printed prosthetic for Instagram famous dog TurboRoo.

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